Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goals for 2009

A lot of people have been blogging lately about their New Years Resolutions and goals for 2009.  I had intended to blog this earlier, but I have been busy working on the Extended Events Manager app that I wrote for the SQL Heroes contest.  I prefer to set goals rather than make resolutions since goals are measurable and resolutions tend to not be accomplished. 

My number one goal for this year is to continue to dedicate a block of time to my family each day, since they are the number one priority in my life, and the older my daughter gets, the faster time seems to go by, especially with a second child due in June.  My second goal is to attend and graduate from the US Army Drill Sergeant Academy to further my military career.

As far as technical and career development my goals would be as follows:

  1. Remain consistent in technical blog posts averaging 3 a week for the year.
  2. Finish coding on the Extended Events Manager App to make it a one stop shop for creating, altering and consuming Extended Events in SQL Server 2008.
  3. Continue to answer posts on the MSDN and SqlServerCentral Forums.
  4. Present at least one session at a major event, (ie TechEd, SQLConnections, PASS Summit, etc.)
  5. Submit an article for publication at least once a quarter to an online site or magazine publication.
  6. Continue to present sessions at SQL Saturday and local Code Camp Events.
  7. Complete my MCITP SQL Server 2008 Administrator Certification.
  8. Take the Oracle Certified Associate Database Administrator Certification test.

I have a few other goals that I would like to accomplish as well, time permitting, but we'll see how the above eight pan out first.


  1. Sound like some great goals. Similar to my SQL Server related goals. I'll keep watching your blog to see how you are doing and hopefully be inspired to continue on my new blog (minus the larger presentation.. I'm not ready for that yet :) but I may check yours out if it's the event I go to)


  2. Mike,

    Thanks. It will be quite a year if I can accomplish all of that, but when I look back at 2008, I never thought I would have accomplished what I did then, and things like speaking and blogging only get easier the more you do it.