Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free eBook from RedGate : Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans (Grant Fritchey)

For the last few months I have been working with Understanding SQL Server Execution Plans at a very basic level to provide information on how to get Execution Plans from SQL, how to read them, how to find the information contained in them, and what to look for as flags of potential areas of concern when performance tuning code.  Last night I was having a chat with Jim McLeod, running some thoughts by him when he mentioned this eBook, so I did a quick search and located a free copy from RedGate which I promptly download from:

All I can say is WOW.  This has to be the best reference I have ever seen on Execution Plans in SQL Server.  My hats off to Grant Fritchey for first putting this together, but then for making the concepts simple enough that you really don't have to be a Sr DBA to figure out what is happening.  I'd highly recommend this eBook to anyone who writes or reviews TSQL code.

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  1. Thanks Jon for the link...yeah, it is indeed a great source. I have already shared link with sql people I know in my network.

    In addition, CONGRATULATIONS on great 2008! I wish you all the best this year as well.