Thursday, January 8, 2009

PASS Governance Board posts Financial's Information

PASS is a not for profit organization for SQL Server Professionals that is widely known.  For years however, one thing about PASS was that it was not open with a lot of information like its financial statements and minutes from board meetings.  Well that has finally changed, and any member of PASS can login to the PASS site with their username and password and now see this information on the new Governance sub-site:

For me this is a very important thing, especially given the amount of money that is handled by PASS for a given year.  I am not saying anything negative about PASS or implying that anything incorrect has been done by anyone involved with the Board currently or in the past, so please don't try and read into my comments on this post and make them into something they are not.  The level of transparency that the Board is now providing to the community is a good thing, they even posted information going back to 2004 for audited financial's.

This is definitely a step in the right direction, and having the January 2009 meeting minutes available for review is taking it the next step as well.  While I don't run a user group, this kind of information is good for group leaders to be able to see.

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