Thursday, January 8, 2009

Other Blogs that you should be Watching

I committed to blogging about other SQL blogs in the community after Jason Massie gave me a bump on his blog.  So this week I spent some time reading over some of the blogs in my reader and finding ones that don't have many posts yet, but have demonstrated a sustained interest in blogging somewhat frequently.

TJay Belt's Thoughts - TJay Belt

TJay started blogging consistently before PASS 2008, and has quite an amazing blog roll on his site.  I made a reminder to come back to it and look at what feeds he might have of interest that I don't yet.

StraightPath Solutions - Mike Walsh

I usually don't recommend business based blogs, but Mike Walsh dedicates a good bit of time to helping people on the forums and Newsgroups for free, and he commented on a post here this week so I had to check out his blog the other day anyway.

Facility 9 - Jeremiah Peschka

I know Jeremiah from Twitter, and he is always doing performance tuning it would seem from his Tweets, but his blog covers more than just that. 

If you have a blog you'd like reviewed, send me an email, and I'll add it to my feed reader and see what you are all about.  I think that almost every blog post I see is interesting in one way or another, so even if I don't put you in a post like this, I will be subscribed to your blog.  :-)


  1. G'day Rambling; here's my sql blog for adding to your feed reader :

    I think I might even ramble more than you!

  2. Thanks for the nod. The "business" side of my blog is probably less active in my life than the blogging side. I am a Full Time DBA for an insurance company, father, volunteer firefighter and I hope to be a volunteer on the DBA Sig again soon. so that is just nights/weekends in the spare time. anyway, I love the blog and hope to use you as inspiration to keep going.