Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Year Gone - 2008 in Review

It is really amazing to look back on 2008, and see what all I have accomplished both personally as well as professionally.  At the start of 2008, I was completely unknown in the SQL Server Community and online.  I had asked a grand total of 4 questions on the forums and had never once answer someone else's question.  I had never written a blog post, or technical article online.

To recap this year, I have replied over 5000 times to questions on MSDN forums, SQL Server Central Forums, and Microsoft Newsgroups.  I have posted 128 blog posts, written 2 articles for SQL Server Central and 28 articles on the SQL Examples Site on Code Project.  I also did a Live Meeting for the PASS DBA Special Interest Group, and presented at 3 user groups and 4 different conferences this year. 

If you are reading this and you haven't done a presentation, written a blog post, or online article, then hopefully this will motivate you to get your start.  If you think you don't know enough, or that people won't be interested, then try and do the presentation at your local user group first.  You'll be surprised with the outcome and amount of interest that there may be, I can almost guarantee it. 

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