Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Other Blogs that you should be Watching

Following my blog post from yesterday where I listed the major blogs from the SQL Server Team that you should follow, today, I am going to list some "unknown" blogs that you might consider following.  This post is more of a "pay it forward" type of post since Jason Massie, did a similar post and listed my blog in his list of ten blogs to follow and it tripled traffic to my blog. 

In no particular order:

Aaron Alton is a rising star in the SQL Server Community, and a fellow Moderator in the MSDN SQL Server Forums.  His blog can be found at  http://thehobt.blogspot.com.  Look to find posts similar to mine where the focus is around questions commonly asked on the MSDN forums.

Sankar Reddy is another Moderator from the MSDN SQL Server Forums as well who blogs at http://sankarreddy.spaces.live.com/.  Again his posts should be similar in nature to my own, and follow common problems seen in the community.

Gail Shaw is a fellow MVP, and a consistent top performer on the SQL Server Central forums.  She covered the PASS Summit live from PASS Summit, and is definitely worth following.

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