Monday, December 22, 2008

Blogs you should be watching

If you are reading this, I hope that you are watching my blog, or that you have subscribed to it in a RSS feed reader.  However, if you haven't or you don't that is no matter, and isn't the real topic of this posting.  The real purpose of this post is to make you aware of a specific set of blogs at Microsoft that you should be following if SQL Server is your primary area of responsibility.

Number one of the list has to be the Microsoft SQL Server Release Services blog.  This is the primary location to find out about new releases happening regarding SQL Server, from major releases, to service packs and cumulative updates, it is announced here.  This is how I stat up to date with when releases occur for SQL Server.

Number two on the list would be the CSS SQL Server Engineers blog for SQL Server.  A few people post here, all from the Customer Service and Support team for SQL Server, but the posts are generally centered around problems that the CSS team is seeing in their day to day work.  You can get a good heads up on solutions to popular problems by simply monitoring this blog.

Number three on the list would be the SQL Server Storage Engine blog.  This is one of my favorite SQL Server Team blogs, mainly because it has to deal with the side of SQL that I deal with primarily.  However, in the grand scheme of things, for most people, it is probably the third most important blog to watch behind the above two.

If you are a developer, and not a DBA, swap the above number three with the following number four which is SQL Programmability & API Development Team Blog.  This blog has pointers about how to use the programmability features of SQL Server, as well as how to performance tune code, and the SQL instance for specific scenarios.

Number five on my list would be the Microsoft SQL ISV Program Management Team blog.  A note here is that if you watch the SQL Programmability & API Development Team Blog as well, you will probably see a bit of overlap since these two teams seem to work hand in hand with each other to solve ISV problems at times.  The ISV team may also solve a problem that the Programmability team finds interesting enough to share with their followers and they will repost it, but there are non-overlapping posts between the two that make both worth following.

The last SQL Team blog to watch is the SQL Server SQLOS team blog.  I place this one last only because it doesn't have the posting frequency that other blogs do. The information on this blog is just as important, it just isn't updated with any regular frequency.  However, if an update is posted, you probably would be good to know about it.

That's all folks.  If you are not following the above blogs, I highly recommend it.

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