Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SQL 2008 SSMS - What happened to F8 = Open Object Explorer

A online friend and fellow moderator from the forums, Deepak Rangarajan, asked a good question this morning in a chat that is worthy of blogging about.  In SQL Management Studio 2005 you could hit the F8 key as a shortcut to bring up the Object Explorer.  I personally didn't know this until today, but out of the box SSMS 2008 doesn't do this.  Since I started in SQL 2000 using the old Query Analyzer, I know the old hot keys for doing things like Ctl+Shft+C will comment out the current highlighted code block, and Ctl+Shft+R will uncomment it.  This was not available with the default keyboard configuration in SSMS 2005, but you can change the Keyboard to the SQL 2000 settings in Tools->Options and it will work as it did in Query Analyzer.  Naturally this was one of the first changes I made in SSMS 2008 when I installed it, but this also brings the F8 shortcut functionality back. 

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