Monday, August 25, 2008

Extended Events Manager - Build (Released)

For a few weeks I have been focused on Extended Events and how they work in SQL 2008.  One of things missing for the Extended Events is UI support.  In fact there isn't even a SMO namespace for Extended Events as of the RTM of SQL 2008.  This makes using Extended Events fairly complex, and requires that you have a firm understanding of the architecture and Metadata for the packages available.

To simplify this, I have written a C#.NET winforms application that can be used to help manage/explore extended events in SQL 2008.  I posted the source as well as compiled binaries for the first release on the MSDN code gallery as an opensource project.  I am sure that the code is not in keeping with design patterns or best practices, but I am not a C# developer, I am a DBA.  I welcome any comments or advice on this:

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  1. Sweet. That fills a empty niche. You ought to post to codeplex and enter it in the SQL Heroes contest.