Thursday, August 14, 2008

Extended Events and Errors in the BOL

I have been working since the RTM release of SQL Server 2008 with the Extended Events, which are a powerful tool to assist Administrators in troubleshooting problems.  That is, if you can actually get an understanding of how to use them from the little information that actually exists currently (not to worry, I am doing a lot of heavy documentation as I go, and will publish it in the coming weeks).  To compound the issue, the Books Online haven't been maintained from CTP to CTP or even through the RC0 to RTM, and contain numerous errors in them.  I filed a few connect items already:

Errors in the BOL for SQL 2008 DMV sys.dm_xe_map_values

Errors in the BOL for SQL 2008 DMV sys.dm_xe_objects

I goofed on the title for the second one, but I can't figure out how to update it at this point.  I will keep this post updated with other bugs I file as I find them.

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