Monday, August 11, 2008

SQL 2008 Intellisense, Only for SQL 2008

I am playing with my RTM install of SQL 2008, the first server at work to be on the new version, and I realize that Intellisense isn't working.  Actually it is, just not for any server connection except the SQL 2008 one.  It seems as though Microsoft doesn't care based on the number of comments on the Connect site for numerous postings of this by the community.  The claim is that they are working on a new feature set, but with the ability of other tools like SQLPrompt to work for all versions of SQL it shouldn't seem far fetched to expect the same from an IDE that does intellisense for every other language it works with.

I don't know that it will matter much since it is closed, but leave a feedback on this item if you care:

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