Friday, November 21, 2008

SQL Heroes Contest Winners

The contest winners were announced at PASS, albeit in a very anti-climactic manner. The winners in order shown on the screen at PASS were:

Greg Galloway (with Darren Gosbell and John Welch)

Jonathan Kehayias

John Calvin Welch

Ignat Andrei

Jason Massie


I was contacted regarding this list, and while I saw that the SQL Heroes blog posted a list of winners on 12/02/2008, I didn't actually notice that it has a different list of winners on it:

So why the difference? I am not really sure. My list came from Brent Ozar who had the same problem I did at PASS Summit. They flashed the list to fast for me to be able to copy it all down. His blog post pointed me to Adam Machanic's blog, who I trust, so I felt safe reposting the same information on here, but apparently there was a discrepancy. See the actual SQL Heroes blog to find the correct list which is:

  • BIDS Helper: Greg Galloway, Darren Gosbell, John Calvin Welch
  • SQL 2008 Extended Events Manager: Jonathan Matthew Kehayias
  • ssisUnit: John Calvin Welch
  • SqlMonitoring Tool: Robert Hartskeerl
  • Allocation SQL Server Management Studio Add-in: Daniel Gould

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