Thursday, October 9, 2008

SQL Hero's Contest Survey - Vote for your favorite project

At the beginning of the year, Microsoft started a SQL Server 2008 Hero's contest, which was an open source contest to build a application leveraging SQL Server 2008 and one of the other newer technologies.  The official rules were:

Ten finalists have been picked, and you can vote for the top 5 on the connect site.

SQL Heroes 2008 Community Finalists Survey

I encourage people to check out all the projects and give them a whirl.  There are a couple of really neat ones in there, and not just my own, I am having fun playing with a few of the others that were submitted.


  1. Glad you got in and I think you have a good chance at #1. Hell, I may vote for you :)

  2. There are some really good projects in the contest. I actually like one a little more than my own, but I won't taint the opinions of others until the voting closes.