Friday, July 11, 2008

SSMS Options in SQL 2008

Glenn Allen Barry posted a neat new feature in the SQL 2008 SSMS options that made me wonder what else has changed, so I decided to do a feature check against the 2005 Management Studio Options.  First and foremost, I am happy to see that Microsoft decided to persist the SQL 2000 Keyboard configuration as an option.  I long ago learned the hot keys to comment code (Shft+Ctrl+C) and uncomment code (Shft+Ctrl+R) in the old query analyzer and old habits die hard, so I was extremely happy when I found this option in 2005.


The next change down the list is the addition of Transact-SQL in the Text Editor Options.  This is where you will control your Intellisense options, and how the editor for TSQL works.


The Editor Tab and Status Bar Options affect what information is displayed in the tab for a specific connection, as well as what information is displayed in the status bar.  Perhaps you only want to show the FileName on the Tab, while you want to show the Server, LoginName, and DatabaseName in the Status bar.  This is now possible with this options set.  You can also move the Status bar from the bottom of the window to the top if you so choose.


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