Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Tool, though not for SQL Server

Lately I have been getting information/feedback from visitors to SQLCLR.net that the site is not rendering properly in all browsers.  Looking at the Analytics for the site, most people are coming to the site with IE 7, probably something I should have paid attention to since the site wouldn't render in IE 7 correctly.  I have spent the better part of a week learning CSS, CSS Hacks, and all other forms of Web Development stuff to come to the conclusion that IE is the hardest browser to make render correctly if you have no clue.

Along the way I happened on a neat tool called FireBug.  It is for Firefox and lets you play with the CSS locally from a live rendering of a site.  This is what ultimately let me figure out how to resolve all of the cross platform CSS formatting.  A new skin is now up and is actually better for SEO, since I was able to figure out proper content positioning in the site for non-Styled Rendering with Firefox.  The non-styled layout now allows the search engines to find the content for indexing first and moves all of the Links and Recent Items to the bottom of the page.  This should make for better indexing of the site data for better hits on searching.  Time will tell.

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