Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Day with the Experts

Today I spent the day at a seminar put on by Quest where we were able to spend time learning performance monitoring and tuning from SQL Server Experts and MVP's Kevin Kline and Hilary Cotter. Quest also provided a demonstration of SQL Spotlight, a tool for monitoring and managing SQL Server Performance. If you've never seen this product, you should contact Quest for a demonstration.

Kevin and Hilary also held a 2 hr questions and answers session on the coming release of SQL 2008. Of particular interest to me was the lack of knowledge surrounding Powershell integration in the room. Also lacking heavily was knowledge about the new policy Management in SQL 2008. Both of these are newer features, and only those testing the CTP's or following them closely would be aware.

I have been playing with the DMF/Policy management since installing my Feb CTP and plan to post more information on this in the days/weeks to come. From there I guess I am going to move on to Powershell and play around with it.

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